Snowflake Contest+[Winter Painting 1]+ 3rd In WWW+Happy 2021 YEAR= Fun!!

Hey all!! How are you? (I don’t know why I start this blog with a boring introduction, this post is soooooooo fun) But anyways lets forget my boring intro and come back to this post. So everyone excited huh!! Or is it me that I am excited for New Year 2021. 😂😂😊 So goodness!!!!!!!!!! IContinue reading “Snowflake Contest+[Winter Painting 1]+ 3rd In WWW+Happy 2021 YEAR= Fun!!”

Eggstremly Eggciting post!!

Hola bloggers (I am getting used to this intro, Sounds cool) What’s up? IK the sky😜😜 but what I meant was how are you all doing? I Know I didn’t post  anything from 3 days, because I had gone on a shorcation (SHORT+VACATION)  I had gone to Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Oh yeeeeeaaaaahContinue reading “Eggstremly Eggciting post!!”

OMG!! 25 Followers+Blogmas Tag?

Hello readers and friends… This is to tell you that now I have 25 WordPress followers and 5 email followers (Which actually make 30 but I will count the 25 followers only) I can’t believe it😨🤯😱!! This is a good start and I am really happy😀😁 Haha This is me after I saw that nowContinue reading “OMG!! 25 Followers+Blogmas Tag?”

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