Reblogged:my heart’s call — Fearless Free Soul+ Recommendations

Material things started meaning lessOn the days I feel a messI go looking for my heart’s callMy thoughts are running down the hallThat I’ve created in my mindBut the key to unlocking the doorIsn’t picking the best clothesOr anything that costs moreThan my heart’s callIt’s funny because no objectIs more expensive than my heart’s callI […]Continue reading “Reblogged:my heart’s call — Fearless Free Soul+ Recommendations”

Some book reviews I Recommend

Hello readers and friends. Gosh! I have been very busy with blogging life and school life and I seriously didnt finish the Secret Seven Series too.I feel really terrible and I planned to start reading today. 😊💕 Did I mention you all that 15 people are participating with us in the competition. Wooho 👏(I didn’tContinue reading “Some book reviews I Recommend”

Melodious Collab with ~Poorwa from Poorwa’s Blog

Hey readers!!! I’ve got an exciting news for you all. I and Poorwa decided to do a collab together and we decided to do on music. Isnt that fun? plus 2 Collabs in 1 week is super Awesome .Guys Poorwa is an awesome blogger. I read her posts daily and they are filled with magicContinue reading “Melodious Collab with ~Poorwa from Poorwa’s Blog”

Infinite Love Poem-For my Grandfather

Everything was sad since my grandfather passed. There was silence in our house, Sadness throughout. The warm dishes were now cold, The blossoming flowers had turned black from gold. Everything was so different and quiet Which we never ever imagined. Last few days he was here with me. We played carom and drank some tea.Continue reading “Infinite Love Poem-For my Grandfather”

Collab~with Addie from Shining Star

Hey all! Gosh I have got exciting news. So I and Addie decided to do a collab together. Isn’t that fun? 😊❤️Yay! This is my first collab and I am super excited. Well soo sorry readers that I haven’t posted anything from a long time. I mean from the last few days I have notContinue reading “Collab~with Addie from Shining Star”


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