Hey everyone! how are you all doing? it feels like that its been months since we met. (Actually its been months)πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š Yeah I know, I didn’t tell that I am going offline for months. Exam preparations went pretty well and I think I did well😊😊 Now that exams are over I planned for a comeback… So yeah I am back. M planning for a competition maybe in November we’ll host? I do need to upload posts often, I know you guys missed me a lot. I did too. I indeed missed writing poems, the point was I ran out of ideas but once again my imagination woke up and here I am. See you guys……. 😊😁😁 The legendary Anushka is once again back and this time she’s got crazy ideas…. See you guys with an exciting post.


“Once again reading and writing began, and the journey continues” 😘

Published by nushhe

Hi, I am a 13 year old blogger with creative ideas and love reading books and writing. I have read more then 2000 books and love playing keyboard

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