Positive vibes – 2nd part

“When we are losing, do we fall every time?” 

Hello bloggers and readers! Welcome back to my blog, Yes m officially back with fun motivating posts😊❤️Last time I wrote 1st part and I got soo many sweet comments to make a 2nd part. So here it is -This post is also inspired by my feelings and true experiences. Hope you will enjoy it and love it as much as I loved writing it.🙂 Do tell me if I should make more parts.

Photo by Binti Malu on Pexels.com

I know we give up when we lose. Why so? Can’t we accept defeat ? Or do we give up so that we don’t lose badly from opponent thinking we would get humiliated? Or do we give up thinking our parents might be disappointed on us to lose so badly? Well thats how our mind thinks when we in a game. Thats how I think sometimes. But that’s not a valid reason to give up. Why give up in the middle of a game even if you are losing? We all think that when we losing we will never win the game in the end and we give up. Yes ik ! we lose self confidence at that particular moment. We only think about what people will say when you will lose. However I believe you are playing for yourself not for others and you are never losing in a game, you lose in life. Sometimes you lose your close ones and sometimes you become unsuccessful when you dont achieve your dreams. We give up thinking we lost everything. Giving up is never the solution to a problem. 

Not always we lose in the end. if we combine self confidence and our hope its the perfect mixture of positivity which helps you in winning in the end.😊❤️ Even if you can’t win, dont be harsh on yourself and dont worry if 100 people humiliate you your true loved ones will always support you and that is most important.

When we losing I believe we should have self confidence and hope of winning the game. When we losing we must not care for others and happily accept defeat. When you accept defeat you might not be happy or proud on yourself. That unhappiness and thinking you could do better helps you in future to win. I believe god makes everything happen for a cause, and losing once doesn’t make u a loser but makes u a fighter. 


Hope you liked this post and I would be signing off. Do tell me in comments your feelings..🥰

thanks for reading folks! will be back with a new post😘😘

Published by nushhe

Hi, I am a 13 year old blogger with creative ideas and love reading books and writing. I have read more then 2000 books and love playing keyboard

16 thoughts on “Positive vibes – 2nd part

  1. Lovely!!! You’re absolutely right. It doesn’t really matter for me that who is the winner, hard work is what matters the most, whether you win or lose, there will be people who’ll appreciate your work.
    And of course, you should definitely write more parts.

    Liked by 2 people

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