hey bloggers here is the poem which I was working on from a long time, I am not familiar with writing poems yet and I’m practicing each day since m out of practice. hope you will like the message and dont worry I have a lot of ideas in mind and I’m working on expressing it.🥰💜

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

If I am lost and can’t seem to reconnect

With the old me who I was meant to be

When there’s nothing to lose, as nothing is left

All I do is bury the thoughts in me 

But there’s an evil voice in my head

It creeps me out and whispers softly, in my bed

Killing me from inside , involving the rage

Repeats that “somethings are never gonna change” 

No matter how hard I try to start over there’s this voice, haunting me

Said, the loss can’t be regained and neither can love be healed

That I can’t do anything but cry as my faith is sealed

That trying again seems worthless and waste of time

but I am sorry evil voice but I am tired of your lies

Your words made me slower but now they have made me stronger

What once was my weakness became my power

Pessimistic thoughts became my strength and force

and Now this voice that comes from my heart loudly shouts-“hope”

hope which awakens my soul beneath

“start again even if I can’t breath”

to change what the voice said couldn’t be changed

giving and taking love, happiness is the perfect exchange

do tell me in comments if you liked the poem, I loved writing it😊

hope you liked it bloggers, thanks for reading. I wrote it mainly to convey my thoughts about never letting yourself down even In tough times and to always remain positive no matter what you going through😊

(ps- I think ill work on a podcast episode next)

thanks for reading bloggers

“happy reading”❤️❤️

Published by nushhe

Hi, I am a 13 year old blogger with creative ideas and love reading books and writing. I have read more then 2000 books and love playing keyboard

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