Hey everyone welcome to my site…

My name is Anushka. I love writing stories, poems and most of all love reading books.

This blog consists of poems written by me!! and I am sure you would love to check out my poems…


Anyways if you love my poems, stories, collabs and everything else do follow! and don’t forget to share.

“Happy Reading”😄

Oops forgot to tell about myself. I’m a teen who loves playing chess, keyboard and lawn tennis. I also love to draw and try making them Awesome!!

I am a sporty girl who loves talking about random things and express them through poems..😃

Hope you are gonna love my poetry!! This blog is filled with lots of fun….. 😊😊😄

get lost in the imagination

Welcome to the world of Imagination my friends!!! Hope you are gonna love reading as much as I love writing 😊

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