I thought you were only mine-Poem

Hey my friends and lovely bloggers, how are you doing😊❤️ I wrote a poem which is inspired by a poem I had read in school and it inspired me to write nostalgic. This poem is nostalgic and it’s my first time writing it, hope you’ll like it the way I loved writing it.🥰 The dayContinue reading “I thought you were only mine-Poem”

Blogger interview with Anushka — Girl Power

Hey guys. Today I will be interviewing nushhe from Anushka Stories. I’d want to thank Anushka for joining me for this interview today, and I’d like to urge everyone to check out her blog, which is fantastic. So, let’s get started… 1. Tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself. Hey readers this […]Continue reading “Blogger interview with Anushka — Girl Power”

Positive vibes – 2nd part

“When we are losing, do we fall every time?”  Hello bloggers and readers! Welcome back to my blog, Yes m officially back with fun motivating posts😊❤️Last time I wrote 1st part and I got soo many sweet comments to make a 2nd part. So here it is -This post is also inspired by my feelingsContinue reading “Positive vibes – 2nd part”

A Woman sent from heaven- Poem

Hey blogger friends and readers!! where should I start from? ugh!!😂😂 Ik Ik I haven’t been lot online. Cause I was out of station, then school projects, then school competitions and homework , just made it difficult to write anything on WP so I am apologising with all my heart. 😊😊😇Anyways I am back!! nowContinue reading “A Woman sent from heaven- Poem”


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